On Converting People To Craft Coffee With Top Hat Espresso Catering Founder & Green Street Coffee Barista Tim Pearson

I’ve seen it now. I tell people over 40, they all know Lorenzo Lamas. I tell my friends, they’re like me–they don’t have a clue.

Ok, I’m not over 40 either. It was on in the mid to-late 90’s.

He was also in Grease. John Travolta, Grease. He was the girl’s boyfriend that she had [before Travolta].

It’s the over 40 people who would know that one.

Lorenzo came up with the idea to have a barista at their event on Celebrity Apprentice. So he called me. He couldn’t tell me that it was for this tv show. He just kept telling me it was for this celebrity event for charity and he could lose his job for doing this [talking over the phone about it]. And he kept saying read between the lines. He’s like, I could be fired. At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was thinking, this is weird.

You don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice?

I watched it like two years ago. Once.

I guess that’s why he kept saying celebrity. He wasn’t being egotistical.

He kept saying it and saying it and saying it–celebrity and I could get fired. I didn’t realize it until after I hung up with him. Which I was actually proud of myself because maybe I saw the show twice or something two years ago and all the things he mentioned kinda just all made sense and I was like nooooooo. So, I call my wife–

[Laughing] Right after you hung up?

Yeah, I hang up and it’s like it hit me right in the head. Wait….celebrityfiredcharityahhhh….no way. I got real excited though. It was the next day, we drove up to Central Park. Served coffee for a bunch of celebrities and a bunch of–

While they were doing a fashion show with these sneakers, right?

Yeah, they were presenting Ivanka Trump’s shoes.

You said you’ve at least gotten some feedback from customer’s who are like, hey, I’ve seen you on there.

It’s been a lot of fun going to events, some of the people recognize me [laughs]. Good show! It’s kinda weird and cool at the same time.

I haven’t had a tv in awhile and that’s the last thing I’d watch. I’m like, why the fuck do people watch this, but that’s a big show.

It is. It’s a big show. A national tv show.

Have you–

I’ve gotten a lot of hits on my website.

But any business from it?

Not that I know of, directly. But just to have that footage and to have that as a marketing tool…to say as seen on or whatever is pretty big. It will be fun to see how it works out.

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