Interview With Doreen DeMarco, New Sous Chef/Heir Apparent At American Sardine Bar

How far into the competition did you go?

I made it to L.A. for two weeks total. Actually, auditioning for that show was pretty much like having a full-time job. Every day they needed something. You had to fax them, email them—right there and then, you had an hour to do so. They went so far into the back story of my life that they knew things I didn’t know about myself.

They wanted to find angles. How to present you.


Did you find yourself, while looking at your fellow cast members, going oh, shit, they’ve got that person, shit, they got this person….

Absolutely. We all stayed in one hotel so we’ll all there, we all met each other. It was funny being there on the show and meeting your competition. There was a girl named Victoria from Brooklyn and the minute I looked at her and she looked at me, we were just like–


what’d you make? Because obviously, that was our competition—we were wearing the same exact outfit and had the same exact haircut.

[Sotto voce] bittttttcccchhh

It was really weird. It was like that with everybody. Everybody who was there had somebody who was them from somewhere else.

Usually, you have to kill your doppelgänger.


Otherwise, they’re going to kill you and take your soul.

Well, Victoria ended up kicking my ass, so…[laughs]

Shoulda taken her out.


When was that?

That was last year. I auditioned in November and I flew out February 1st to L.A.

Oh, shit, that was last year. So that brings us up to 2014. When did you audition for that? What was the timeline?

I was actually at Rogue’s Gallery too—I forgot to mention that. While I was at The Pizza Place, I was there. I was actually the chef over at Rogue’s Gallery.

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