Melissa Torre Of Cookie Confidential On The Irony Of Being Harassed By Animal Rights People & Being Accused Of Setting Back Female Chefs

B: There was a shitty headline at the top of Victor Fiorillo’s Foobooz post [Lots of Dead Pigs In Photos for Tap Room Fine Swine Pig Dinner]. There was both, why are you taking exception to the fact that there are a lot of dead pigs in a butcher shop’s meat locker, and also the cheap attempt at a double entendre that whoever wrote the headline seemed to be going for.

M: Yeah, he was trying to be clever and didn’t really pull it off very well [laughs]. He [or editor] just was grasping for readers I think.

B: You got a lot of shit from supposed feminists trashing you.

M: I think it’s ridiculous. I think telling a woman that–those people that were coming after me for not supporting the feminist movement, who are females, and are telling a female chef what she shouldn’t do are their own worst enemy. They’re doing exactly what they don’t want. They’re telling a female what not to do, which I think is pretty ironic.

B: You can’t just have a little bit of fun with something…

M: Right. The thing I was accused most of was letting men tell me to do that and allowing myself to be subjected–which I thought was the funniest because it was my idea and that of the photographer who is a female. So it was only females who were involved in that decision making to do that shoot. We were funny because I’m comfortable with my sexuality and how I look. Apparently that’s a bad thing to other females who take some sort of offense at that.

B: Is it bad that you got a bunch of old butcher shop guys excited?

M: I think it was hilarious. We had a really good time. If people can’t be comfortable with themselves, I think that’s their problem. We had a great time with all the [old] guys in the butcher shop. We had fun. We were just joking around. Laughing. We took a bunch of pictures. I don’t see what’s wrong with that at all.

B: Ok, I’m glad that as a man, I settled all those feminist, lady issues.

M: [Laughs]

B: What about the PETA side of it? I noticed a lot of very critical, angry comments. Apparently, you saw a lot more besides the online comments following the Foobooz post.

M: Oh, yeah, I had to at a point shut down my Facebook page from allowing public comments because I got out of work at night–I was working for Garces at the time–and I had 80 comments from PETA members and animal activists telling me that I should die, I should be murdered, they were going to come burn down my bakery. They were comparing me to a Nazi and the Holocaust–all for taking some pictures with pigs in a butcher shop.

B: Yeah, it’s really shocking to learn that the House of Pork has some dead pigs in its freezer.

M: Exactly. It was completely excessive. We had phone calls here. Personal messages.

B: What were the phone calls like?

M: Telling me what I horrible person I was and again, that I deserve to die. That I shouldn’t live….pretty funny coming from people that are mad that I am posing with dead pigs but they’re wishing death and threatening death upon me. That went on for a good few weeks to a month after that story ran.

3 responses to “Melissa Torre Of Cookie Confidential On The Irony Of Being Harassed By Animal Rights People & Being Accused Of Setting Back Female Chefs

  1. So sickening you have to pull this kind of stunt- a pig is waaaaay prettier than you are “gag” and you’re a shit cook who can’t get laid!! You’re pathetic🤢🤢🤣

  2. Chef Melissa I think your great, to all the hateration out their ….Dont be ugly to a pretty lady it wont help your cause bitches!!!

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