Melissa Torre Of Cookie Confidential On The Irony Of Being Harassed By Animal Rights People & Being Accused Of Setting Back Female Chefs

B: When you say meats, I know you’ve used bacon in cookies. What else have you used?

M: We use bacon. That’s one of the first cookies that kind of started Cookie Confidential. We do a cheesesteak cookie that a pretty big standard. It’s a dehydrated–basically we make jerky out of any of the meats we use. I’ve done a Thanksgiving turkey, our “leftovers” cookie. We do a hot wing cookie, which has chicken. For Easter, I do a rabbit cookie. It’s an oat, carrot and parsnip based cookie with dehydrated maple glazed rabbit and a maple glaze on it. I’ve put a lot of different meats into cookies.

B: And you’ve visited the farms where the meat is coming from.

M: I have. I’ve been able to visit and take tours. Being with Lancaster Farm Fresh is awesome. They take members–we’re a CSA site host through them. We’re a CSA member and a wholesale customer of theirs. So, once a week, we have people from the neighborhood come in and pick up their CSAs, but they organize farm tours all the time. Through them, we’ve got to go on a bunch of farm tours.

B: Is part of what you’re doing here then, helping to raise awareness of the issues you care about? How are people who pick up here joining the CSA?

M: We advertise the CSA on our Facebook page. Lancaster Farm Fresh has a Facebook members [page]. Just for our fall share I think we had about fifty different people who picked up every week.

B: I know any CSA will say, here’s the 20 places you can pick up, but have you also been able to get people to join?

M: Yeah, I’ve had friends of mine that joined. I have regular customers who come in and say, why are all these boxes of vegetables at a bakery and they ended up joining through that. We’ve ended up getting more of our meat shares and things like that–for my personal use through that as well.

B: And what were some of the things you were seeing at the farms you visited that confirmed that you wanted to do business with them.

3 responses to “Melissa Torre Of Cookie Confidential On The Irony Of Being Harassed By Animal Rights People & Being Accused Of Setting Back Female Chefs

  1. So sickening you have to pull this kind of stunt- a pig is waaaaay prettier than you are “gag” and you’re a shit cook who can’t get laid!! You’re pathetic🤢🤢🤣

  2. Chef Melissa I think your great, to all the hateration out their ….Dont be ugly to a pretty lady it wont help your cause bitches!!!

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